The Eternal Fall (2002)

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The Sadness 2004

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The Path 2005

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To Darkness 2006

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The Ninth Sphere 2007

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A Part Dies 2008

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Alone 2009

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Emptiness vol.1&2 2010/11

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The Eternal Fall MM.MMXI 2012

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As the time goes (2013)

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The Eternal Fall back Catalogue to download.

From today is available the complete back catalogue of The Eternal Fall for donwload in iTunes.


The Eternal Fall something very special.

- We have prepared a special box edition for fans of The Eternal Fall. It’s a handmade limited edition box. This special edition includes The Eternal Fall complete discography, a T-shirt, 2 patches, 6 badges and a DVD with 5 videoclips of the band and some extra stuff. To order the box just send a Email to: info@theeternalfall.com


The Eternal Fall in Orkus

- See the Christmas edition for picture of The Eternal Fall and also to hear the track of the band on the Orkus cd sampler.


The Eternal Fall on facebook

- Please join The Eternal Fall group on facebook, to be kept up to date with all The Eternal Fall´s latest activities.



The Eternal Fall new compilation

- There will be a new “best of” compilation coming out early 2012. The album will be released by Caustic records with full distribution by Afmusic, Alive and Danse Macabre.

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