The Eternal Fall (2002)

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The Sadness 2004

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The Path 2005

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To Darkness 2006

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The Ninth Sphere 2007

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A Part Dies 2008

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Alone 2009

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Emptiness vol.1&2 2010/11

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The Eternal Fall MM.MMXI 2012

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As the time goes (2013)

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The Eternal Fall on Bandcamp: https://theeternalfall.bandcamp.com/


The Eternal Fall is honoured to say that now is joining Gothic Music Records (Finland).





The Eternal Fall will perform tomorrow at the Sacrosanct Festival UK. There will The Eternal Fall releasing their 10 studio album "As the time goes".This new album is out and you can order it at info@theeternalfall.com.


The Eternal Fall will appear at the Gothic Magazine Germany Issue 79. (July 2013)  A special Issue with 3 cds a dvd etc.


The pledge of The Eternal Fall to make the new abum possible is almost finished. If you want to suport u and get the new The Eternal Fall album/film "As the time goes" just clik on this link www.pledgemusic.com/projects/theeternalfall. Thanks a lot for your great support!!!

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